New Malt Offerings:  

We have just added 2 new grains to our inventory: Golden Naked Oats™ & Simpsons DRC.

Simpson's Malt Golden Naked Oats™ -
UK origin - 5-10° L. - A huskless crystal malt. This unique malt has a subtle, nutty flavor with a subdued, grainy sweetness. It imparts light golden hues to the wort while adding body and contributing to a smooth mouthfeel. It also helps produce a creamy, robust head. Although this exotic ingredient is not a traditional component of any beer styles, Simpsons Golden Naked Oats™ is perfect for malty or full-bodied beers - especially Nut Brown Ales and Stouts.

Simpson's DRC™ (Double Roasted Crystal) -
UK origin - 100-120° L. - This malt is at the darker end of Simpson's Caramel malt spectrum, however imparts an intense colour and sweet malty aroma that is very complex and imparts a heavy, dark caramel taste with more subtle notes of burnt sugar, raisin, and dark dried fruits such as cherries and plums. It can also deliver some of the softer roasty notes of a chocolate or black malt but without the astringency or bitterness. Simpsons DRC™ will produce a deep brown colour with ruddy highlights and add body and foam stability like all caramel malts. Use it to brew traditional Belgian Abbey and Trappist Ales, Dubbels and Dark Strong Ales, but also try it in UK Brown Ales, Stouts, Porters and or any other dark beers, to add an extra layer of complexity.  

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We carry 5 lb. tanks.  Bring your empty aluminum tank - trade it in and get a full tank for $20 (+ tax).  

If you need another size exchanged, please contact us, we can get it for you within 1 week.  

 We can also get you Beer Gas - 70% N, 30% CO2.  

Steel tanks can be left for exchange at same $20 + tax price.

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