New Malt Offerings:  

We have just added another new grain to our inventory:  Munich I (aka Light Munich).

Weyermann Munich I (aka Light Munich) - A kilned lager-style malt made from quality 2-row German spring barley. It produces robust malt characteristics, including full body, amber color and smooth mouthfeel.  The flavor is strongly malty and the right aroma has notes of light caramel, honey, and bread.  Typically used in dark lagers and ales, especially Munich-style lagers, various bock styles and German festival beers like Marzenbier, Festbier, and Oktoberfest.  5-7º L.

** We now have 3 Munich malts - Great Western Malting Munich (10º L.), Malteries Franco-Belges (MFB) Caramel Munich (38-42º L.) & Weyermann Munich I (5-7º L.) ** 

Sold in pounds.

Yeasts: Cleaners: Brewing Tools: Kegging & Kegerator Tools:
White Labs One Step cleanser SS Kettles Sanke & Corny couplers
Fermentis Star San GrainFather Torpedo kegs
Munton's Io Star Siphons CO2 regulators
Lallemand Iodophor Spoons & Paddles various washers & gaskets
Lalvin dry wine PBW Fast Ferment conical fermenter various sizes hose & tubing
Red Star Cuvee B-Brite cleanser Bucket fermenters  
Red Star dry wine   Citric Acid FerMonster wide mouth fermenters  Bottling Needs:
    Big Mouth glass fermenters 12 oz & 22 oz bottles (by case)
    Hydrometers & sampling jars Caps & Cappers
    PET Carboys Bottle fillers
    Brushes 500 ml. Snap-top bottles (by case)
    Funnels & Funnel screens Corks, Corkers & Wire Hoods


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We carry 5 lb. tanks.  Bring your empty aluminum tank - trade it in and get a full tank for $20 (+ tax).  

If you need another size exchanged, please contact us, we can get it for you within 1 week.  

 We can also get you Beer Gas - 70% N, 30% CO2.  

5 lb. Steel tanks can be left for exchange at same $20 + tax price.

858-751-4BRU (4278).


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NEW Torpedo kegs are available in 3 sizes:  1.6 gal, 2.5 gal and 5 gal.  These all stainless ball lock kegs stack for easy storage and can be connected in your kegerator/keezer while stacked!