How to order grains/a recipe via email:

* Go to: our Grains page to review what grain we carry. We will not complete you order until we have confirmation that a grain that is out of stock or that we do not carry can be substituted.

* Send your email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your recipe/items you would like to order. (This is the best email address as it goes to multiple people and you will be assured it will be seen by the employee on duty.)

* Grain, yeast, hops & adjuncts can all be put aside for you for easy 1-stop shopping.

* Please note if you want grains milled or not milled.

* Go to: our Hops page to review hops we carry. Hops can occasionally be run out of stock, an email reply with suggested substitutes will be sent. Your order will not be completed until confirmation of any potential substitutes.

* Please include time you would like to pick up your order in your email.

* Please remember our hours (for example, we don't open until noon on weekdays, so in most cases asking for a 12:15 pm same day pick-up may not be possible.)

* For Thursday or Friday pick-up: please allow 24 hours for email to be received, recipe to be checked for availability & order to be pulled. Same day pick-up MAY NOT be possible on a Thursday or Friday. 

GWM 2Row Premium Malt Dextrapils / Carapils Malt GWM Superior Pilsen Malt 2 Row
GWM 2Row Vienna Malt MFB Caramel Vienna Malt GWM Pale Ale Malt
GWM Crystal 15 Malt GWM Crystal 40 Malt GWM Crystal 60 Malt
GWM Crystal 75 Malt GWM Crystal 120 Malt GWM Crystal 150 Malt
Gambrinius Honey Malt GWM Sacchra 50   Briess 6-row
TF&S Pale Chocolate Malt Baird Chocolate Malt GWM Black Malt
Weyermann Carafa Spc. Type I Weyermann Carafa Spc. Type II Weyermann Carafa Spc. Type III
BRIESS Roasted Barley    
Baird Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt TF&S Golden Promise Malt TF&S Pearl Pale Ale Malt
BRIESS Victory Malt Castle Special B Malt TF&S Brown Malt
Best Malz German Pilsen Malt Weyermann Melanoidin Best Malz Acidulated Malt
GWM Munich Malt Weyermann Munich I ("Light") MFB Caramel Munich 40
Best Malz Red X    
§§ (MFB Belgian Pilsen) MFB Special Aromatic Malt MFB Kiln Amber Malt
MFB Kiln Coffee Malt    
Simpsons Peated Malt Briess Cherrywood Smoked Weyermann Rausch Malt (Beechwood Smoked)
Briess Flaked Barley Briess Flaked Brown Rice Grain Millers Rolled Oats
Briess Flaked Rye Grain Millers Flaked White Wheat  
GWM Malted White Wheat Briess Midnight Wheat Malt Briess Red Wheat Malt
GWM Rye Malt TF&S Oat Malt Simpsons Golden Naked  Oats
BRIESS Yellow Corn Thin Flakes Brewers Rice Hulls  


§§ Please note - ALL Malteries Franco-Belges (MFB) Belgian Pilsen malt coming into the US has been held up in Customs and is expected NOT to be released before late Feb. 2018! We have VERY LIMITED STOCK currently available. We are working to get pilsen malt from another Belgian malter and will note it here as soon as we acquire more pilsen malt. Thanks!

** Simpsons Golden Naked Oats - NOW back in stock! **



** SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICE - $111.13! ** 

SAVE 5% OFF ITEMS, if purchased separately! (plus sales tax)



20 Quart Stainless Steel Kettle

27" Boil-Proof Spoon 

6 Gallon Fermenting Bucket with Drilled & Grommeted Lid

5 Gallon Secondary Fermentation Bucket (uses same lid as 6-gal bucket)

3-Piece Airlock (for Fermenting Bucket)

Bottling Spigot

Fermometer - Adhesive Thermometer (for Fermenting Bucket)

Automatic Pump-style Siphon with 4' of flexible tubing

Dual Function Bottle Filler (⅜″ OD)

Glass, Triple Scale Hydrometer

10" Hydrometer Jar

Beer Bottle Brush

1 lb One-Step Cleanser



  Our kits are completely customizable to your needs and wants!  Just ask!

Guadalupe Growler Policy

  • We will fill ANY 32 oz, 64 oz, 1 or 2 liter growler.  
  • 1 l. and 64 oz. growlers can be purchased at our brewery.  (Prices start at just $5 for glass growler, fill not included.)
  • We will fill blank growlers or growlers from other breweries.  
  • The growler to be filled must be CLEAN.  
  • We will cover any other brewery's markings with tape and/or our brewery label.  
  • If you have a blank growler, we will add our label.


 NOW with the Connect Controller!!

            - PRICE REDUCTION - NOW $999.00!


The Grainfather is your all in one brewing system to make beer from grain. The sleek look, user friendly design, and innovative features, make this your perfect brewing companion for both experienced and beginner all grain brewers.

Into distilling? Simply change the top to the Alembic Pot Still Setup and you can distill from grain too. What more could you ask for?

This superior unit includes:

  • 304 grade stainless steel superior body
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM)
  • Pump filter
  • Expandable grain basket to suit all sized grain bills
  • Bottom mesh for grain basket
  • Built in electric element
  • Gauze Filter to keep hops and stray grain in the boiler
  • Temperature and pump control
  • Recirculation pipe with insulated handle
  • Clips to attach Alchemist Series Pot Still Setup for distilling
  • 8 US Gal capacity
  • 1600 Watt Element
  • Counter Flow Wort Chiller with copper inner coil
  • 500 g High Performance Cleaner

Now includes the Connect Controller!  What IS the Connect Controller you ask?  Just the best addition to make the Grainfather EVEN better!  

The Connect Controller provides Automation without removing the fun of brewing.  Be as involved as you want to be!  Use automation to simplify start up, multitask, or simply relax while brewing and be alerted when to return for your next step.  

The Bluetooth enabled Connect Control Box is used in conjunction with the Connect App on your mobile device for the ultimate brewing experience.  

Grainfather available in limited quantites (Currently IN STOCK!) - $1,095.00 


Connect Controller NOW IN STOCK - $159.00 each.  (for those who previously purchased a GrainFather.)

If you purchased a GrainFather with the previous controller, you can now convert your GrainFather into the bluetooth enabled brew machine, just like the latest version!