How to order grains/a recipe via email:

* Go to: our Grains page to review what grain we carry. We will not complete you order until we have confirmation that a grain that is out of stock or that we do not carry can be substituted.

* Send your email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your recipe/items you would like to order. (This is the best email address as it goes to multiple people and you will be assured it will be seen by the employee on duty.)

* Grain, yeast, hops & adjuncts can all be put aside for you for easy 1-stop shopping.

* Please note if you want grains milled or not milled.

* Go to: our Hops page to review hops we carry. Hops can occasionally be run out of stock, an email reply with suggested substitutes will be sent. Your order will not be completed until confirmation of any potential substitutes.

* Please include time you would like to pick up your order in your email.

* Please remember our hours (for example, we don't open until noon on weekdays, so in most cases asking for a 12:15 pm same day pick-up may not be possible.)

* For Thursday or Friday pick-up: please allow 24 hours for email to be received, recipe to be checked for availability & order to be pulled. Same day pick-up MAY NOT be possible on a Thursday or Friday.